* Objects

<*In bloom

flowerbed, cotton, metal







lilly chandelier, beeswax metal


flowervases funbreakables





flowerplate, ceramic, roses

flowercarpet 02


troostkussen, cotton,fabric


flowerchandelier, goat hair


natures shade, sensuous scent, beeswax, flora,metal


natures shade, rose bush white


* Punching Flowers

the method was formed in deconstruction a taxidermic process daily rituals in the domestic and in the objectal of the soft sculptured. intwined into a household of the patterned; to hold, to punch and to study.

punching bags of various weights, smell, texture to punch




<*Leftovers love and Other Stories

big appetite, metals

flowertable, resin flowers solid

pillowtalk, cotton textile



hammock, metal wite knit

rosecurtain pot


shaving kit, objects




<*in the Epiphany of a clouds/ hammock

ectasy within a knit 20 kg of metal knitted by hand into a fabric shape. I imagine clouds in the city scape- hooked up to anything.

hammock, metal wires knit






<*Immigration Species

between- Green Borders ~ One talks about the grass always greener for the Other side then on. A romantized idea of immigration we seem to acknowledge.

A nailbed refers to lying on a needle bed a little uncomfortable at first but then pressuring those spots that need to comfort.

Green borders between countries in chromostereopsis of two projectiled curtains; if stared at the red one sees green and visa versa. To encounter comfort with a border.

green as grass, metal carpet




<*‘The Reflectives’

is an observation of the reflective world and in this reflecting surfaces,

what is inside an reflective response to the physicality of an object.

One by one expressions of themselves in its refractured nature;

chaining a chandelier, metal wire resin

look into a cloud, metals

not another chandelier, spoons metal

umbrella, metals

mirror, knives

wings, metal

forbidden fruit, metals

secret branch, metal, mirror



navels jewellery porcelain glazed

flower/ fruit jewelryresin casts










- cloud hangings of hammock in landscape - netherlands

- Extasy and the cloud, from Left overs love and other stories,Lakeeren/ Bombay IN

- Extasy and the cloud, Sensorium-love-groupshow, Sunaparanta Centre for the Arts Goa IN 2016

- The Reflectives . - UB CITY' art bengaluru, sublime art gallery, solo show , Bangalore IN 2013

- bangled installation-in walking studios , - Ornaments- bangles installation 4 by 2 m, Walkin Studios Bangalore IN