<*In bloom


In bloom in the living room is a reflection of the daily struggle with life's demands. Life wither's.

This communicated by destroying existing flowers that act as building material for ornamentation and matter.

A collection for the living space- whitering curtains, flowercarpet, flowerbeds ,a flowerball, lily chandelier, wallflowers- extracts and imprints

of those residues have been traced in a printing technique; in bloom- an imprint archive.

In bloom continues to be explored in the continues nature between imprint and form from growth to decay with smell and other materialities.

- In Bloom, MA Contextual Design, graduation show design week NL, Design Academy, witte dame/ Eindhoven, NL

- In Bloom, fabrics/wallpapers, Van Abbe Museum, selected for the materialprize Eindhoven/ NL 2012

- In Bloom, commissioned collection, private collection Anthropologie New York/ US 2012

- In Bloom, fabrics and wallflowers and compoundbricks and ascertain films of the making, Biodesign; On the Cross-Pollination of Nature, Science and Creativity, NAI Rotterdam/ NL 2014

- ImPrint archive, walking studios, performative nature, 2019

- In bloom- imprint archive, pulp soceity New Delhi- India Art fair 2020


** Flora in the Shade

<*Beeswax in Shade


Sensuous Scents in bloom from an Encaustic Methodology

~Enkaustikos / = To heat or to burn

The smell of bee wax heals a livingspace. The use of a lamp warms up the beeswax and evaporates only when on.

The colors of beeswax differ to the harvest of the pollen from the bees. It matters what they eat. Forever compounded in a shade, the pigment, pollen and its natural wax.

- ongoing dissections in landscape of beeswax in nature East to West, south Netherlands- Germany border, Kerala- Karnataka border, Nepal- india border.

- shades of flowers in Sensuous scents at Design Trajectories in Temporary Art Centre, TAC Netherlands 2017

- the flowerlab, cooking design in powercutted Bangalore 2018

- do not dissapear on me,Lampshade can function as a shelter for bee


<*Leftovers love and Other Stories


13 works. Shaving kit, Epiphany and a cloud, forbidden fruit, mirror mirror, big appetite, i promise, ten rose bushes,

candle light, pillowtalk, a flowerbed, Punching back, entrances and a doormat.

In the epiphancy of a cloud; ectasy within a knit 20 kg of metal knitted by hand into a hammock scape.

I imagine clouds in the city scape- hooked up to anything.

Big Appetite; gives form to many courses. A big appetite is formed by the many servings of desire-

when one in love. Created from the many plates we eat on. Deconstructed and reconstructed stories of love.

-Leftover love and other stories,Lakeeren/ Bombay IN 2015; Solo 13 works; , curated by Arshiya Lokhandwala ,Bombay India hammock- epiphany of a knit a rose curtain - 10 rose bushes in April

-Ectasy and the cloud, Sensorium-love-, groupshow, Sunaparanta/ Goa IN 2016

-Big appetite commissioned for Malaika Arora mumbai

<*Differently Stringed garland of grasses.

In the course of time species adapt into the weave of everyday.
Different materialities create different shadows- - blades of grass are knots in the tapestries.
Let in the shade and fall of the wild grasses among the cushioned – a pattern is present in the unkempt grasses- combed-

through looking glasses in materials

that present artificial flowers with thorns.

It starts falling how it needs to be.  Lacquered and tempered by time in Differently Stringed garland of grasses.



Material studies from my shadow into another shadow and Other eyelash kind of materialities in Differently Stringed garland of grasses.

-2022- groupshow in CKP - Speaking in Shadows curated by Anitha Reddy Material studies from my shadow into another shadow and eyelash kind of materialities Differently Stringed garland of grasses Bangalore

Photography; Mithun Jayaram



* Punching Flowers


the method was formed in deconstruction a taxidermic process

daily rituals in the domestic and in the objectal of the soft sculptured.

intwined into a household of the patterned; to hold, to punch and to study.

- Punching Flowers 2020-21 5 variants of punching bags each of a different nature/density to smell and punch

- video of, daily rituals, domestic, objectal processions.

In it Continues a moving of its nature. video 12 min. daily rituals in the domestic household of the patterned 2021 -22



<*Immigration Species

between- Green Borders ~

One talks about the grass always greener for the Other side then on. A romantized idea of immigration we seem to acknowledge.

A nailbed refers to lying on a needle bed a little uncomfortable at first but then pressuring those spots that need to comfort.

Green borders between countries in chromostereopsis of two projectiled curtains; if stared at the red one sees green and visa versa.

To encounter comfort with a border.

- Immigrating species-green borders; illustrations/ writings/ an installation - handembroidered curtains in glass not to touch,

a nailbed & welcoming doormat of sound 2017 IN



<*Phoolan Ki Dukan ~ The Flowershop



Flowershop concept for a shop in the village of Gunaher, Himachal Pradesh India

( known as the valley of flowers) Experiencing forms of light in the everyday routine.

Harvest is reversed in its form and captured into adornments from this particular region.

Objects like flower holders, basket lights, felted lampshade, 150 flower-necklaces made from local goat hairs, seeds/bulbs and flowers.

Pollination happends through the hairs of the goat, from one place to another.

- Flowershop /Phoolon Ki Dukan & The flowerlab art shop/ shop art,

A flowershop with lights, flower garlands & flower ornaments from local harvest of flower

,leaves and plantlife indigenous to Himachal Pradesh IN 2013

-Ndtv streamed on tv for lifestyle in new material design lampshade IN 2014





<*The reflectives


‘The Reflectives’ is an observation of the reflective world and in this reflecting surfaces,

what is inside an reflective response to the physicality of an object.

One by one expressions of themselves in its refractured nature;

- The Reflectives . - UB CITY' art bengaluru, sublime art gallery, solo show , Bangalore IN 2013 disco teak wood= 2.10 cm, under a shade

- photography Pooja Gupta, curated by walking studios , In 2013

- Ornaments- bangles installation 4 by 2 meter permanently installed in Walkin Studios Bangalore IN


<*in the Epiphany of a clouds/ hammock


ectasy within a knit 20 kg of metal knitted

by hand into a fabric shape.

I imagine clouds in the city scape- hooked up to anything.

- cloud hangings of hammock in landscape of Wageningen - Ede netherlands 2014

- Extasy and the cloud, from Left overs love and other stories,Lakeeren/ Bombay IN 2015

- Extasy and the cloud, Sensorium-love-groupshow, Sunaparanta Centre for the Arts Goa IN 2016



<* to the senses