2016 The grass is green

2015-16 More then one-it will last forever i promise

2015 Candle Light- the lampshades

2015 Hammock Clouds- mesh

2014 Sound Scales - in a dancing cage

2013 Phoolon ki dukan- The flowershop/ lab

2013 Forbidden Fruits/ Objects of reflection

2013 Nature of the Unexpected- the vegetables & fruit fabrics

2012 Fragiles;'the Hand kerchiefs',

2012 In Bloom

2012 Deflowering Methodology in the Flowerlab

2012 Anatomy

2011 Hybrid Skin/ Behind the Clothes

2010 Eternal Space (s)

2010 Die Flugmachine/ The Flying Machine

2010 Picturesque Landscape

2009 Circus Objects

2008 Stained by remnants; Procession-Henna/Holi/Flowers/FingerPrints

2008 Work in progress and it's remnants

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